'SEVENTEEN' is silent, 'Jobin' is apologetic... Where did all that communication go?

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When the song released 10 years ago became controversial, the original singer immediately apologized. The singer, who was the source of the problem, remains silent, let alone official positions.

Recently, Seventeen members ‘Wonwoo’, ‘Vernon’ and ‘Dogyeom’ sang Norazo's 'Curry' in a video content. As it is receiving enthusiastic responses not only at home but also abroad, foreign fans also watched the video.

The problem was the chorus, 'Shanti Shanti Yoga Hua.' It is said to have made a caricature of the word "Santi," which praises Indian god Ganesh. The lyrics of "This Taste Taj Mahal, which is not even in India," were also criticized for insulting India's representative cultural heritage, the Taj Mahal. In addition, criticism has been raised that "Curry" is a racist song.

It is a song characterized by Norazo's unique cheerful lyrics and melodies, which contained the message "I like curry," but the problem was that it produced a comical situation without any explanation to overseas fans.

In a related development, Zobin made a personal explanation and represented Seventeen's position. Jo Bin posted a lengthy post on his Instagram account, apologizing for the racism that erupted in connection with the "curry."

"Today, I heard from the Indians that curry is not in Indian food. The reason why I started working on the song without confirming it was because I knew that 'Curry was originally Indian food' as I lived in Korea and listened to the wrong information about Curry's history.

He said, "It's definitely our mistake. It is not a song made with the intention of belittling someone or discarding a precious country. I will make a song with the right information. I apologize to those in South Asia and India.

In particular, Zobin said, "Even junior idol singers did not know that the song was perceived by many people. We hope the song, which started with our ignorance, will not hurt our junior singers on the world tour.“

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